November Update

It’s officially winter!

I’m not a fan of the dark nights and the cold at all. However, I had very comforting thought that it is less than a month until the days start getting longer again. That seems within reach to me! This month has been very busy with uni and other bits and bobs. I’m on placement and I’m actually really enjoying it. I mean I’m knackered, but that’s because I’m getting up so early in the morning to leave at 7am. I’m progressing, getting positive feedback, and gaining some more self confidence in actually being able to do something (and not just write about it). I do like a challenge!

In terms of my poorly tummy, I was back to the doctors at the start of the month. I’ve now been on this low fodmap diet for four months. It’s recommended as an elimination diet for two months, but every time I try to reintroduce something I get a very sore tummy. I’ve been worried that part of this is mental, as I’ve never really had the best relationship with food. However, I had a really sore tummy last week and couldn’t think what it could be because all I’d had was a very ‘safe’ breakfast of gluten/wheat free rice crispies and lactose free milk. Turns out, I’d used ‘normal’ milk by accident. So, at least that explained that one! At the doctors, when I said I was struggling to reintroduce anything he told me to just keep at it. I don’t think it’s sustainable and neither do the research papers I’ve read about it. But what do you do, when there’s seemingly a huge amount of food causing you pain? I’ve booked an appointment with a nutritionist recommend by a friend next month, so I’m hoping that a different approach will be useful.

My running has taken a bit of a backseat in the past couple of weeks too. I find it really difficult to motivate myself when I get home and it’s already cold and dark. This week it has been very icy when I’ve walked back from the train station so I haven’t been brave enough to venture out. I’m not very pleased with myself about this, as I felt I was making a lot of progress. I might have to go back to the gym and onto the treadmill. I have been going to classes at the gym with my sister though. My favourites, Body Attack and Body Balance, are back to back on a Monday. I find it hard going to go to both, and I don’t think we have for a couple of weeks, but we usually manage one of them at least. I need to keep exercising regularly, as this fortnight ‘rest’ is proving, or I still find myself getting bloated after everything I eat. I can’t even believe I’m writing this on the internet. So much glamour in my life.

On a more positive note, I’m looking forward to starting my (lactose free) advent calendar soon. I’m very excited to start to feel festive. Edinburgh is so beautiful at Christmas. Craig and I are also going to Berlin for a couple of days before Christmas. I loved going to the Christmas markets in Paris and Brussels so I’ve got high hopes for Berlin too. We were actually in Berlin a year past September and we did a lot of sightseeing then, so the plan is to wander around the Christmas markets and possibly a museum to get out of the cold for a bit. Any recommendations, please send them my way!


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  1. It must be really difficult with your tummy problem. Hopefully the nutritionist will be really helpful. I enjoy reading what you are up to! Take care Lisa, lots of love xx

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