Review: Deliciously Guilt Free brownies and blondies

I was delighted to receive a sample box of brownies and blondies from Deliciously Guilt Free. They’re gluten and wheat free, and they’re also low carb and low sugar. So they’re pretty perfect if you’re looking for a sweet treat which is still somewhat healthy!

In terms of their fodmap friendliness, there’s nothing in there which upset my tummy but of course we’re all very different and what works for me may not work for you too. All the ingredients are on the website here to check in more detail.

They were packaged very neatly and there was no danger of them getting broken in the post. There are four flavours: a browned butter peanut blondie, a chocolate and walnut brownie, a chocolate and chia brownie and a salted caramel nut brownie. They’re a perfect size- just enough!

I’ve never actually tried a blondie before- if you offer me chocolate that’ll always be my choice! Having said that, I enjoyed both of these. The salted caramel nut blondie was very sweet and very nutty too (maybe too much so for my liking!). The browned butter peanut blondie was my least favourite, but that’s just because I’m not a huge peanut fan.

The brownies were my favourites. With the chocolate and chia, there was a noticeable taste of the chia seeds. This was fine for me, but Craig didn’t really like them. His favourite (and my second favourite) was the chocolate and walnut. The brownies were less sweet than the blondies and I definitely preferred that. They were slightly drier too, but the chocolate made up for that in my opinion!

Yes, that is Emma Hatcher’s fabulous cookbook hiding in the background!

I’m really impressed at how tasty these were. I’ve found that a lot of wheat/gluten-free products are very crumbly and quite dry, but these were dense and moist like brownies should be. And I had to remind myself that they were low sugar and low carb! With the exception of the chocolate and chia brownie they’re all quite nutty, which would probably put me off buying them again simply because I’m not a huge fan. I would possibly order the chocolate and chia again as a special treat though. I would definitely be excited to try any more nut-free brownies from Deliciously Guilt Free if they decide to do some!

Have a look at Deliciously Guilt Free’s website if you’re tempted to try some brownies and blondies too!


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2 thoughts on “Review: Deliciously Guilt Free brownies and blondies

  1. I’m going very heard of its brand and I don’t eat gluten or wheat free but almost every other review I’ve read or seen about gluten /wheat free goods have been that thy taste like cardboard with some exceptions so I’m happy to hear there’s at least brands out there getting it right 😂

    Ama Addo / Albatroz & Co

    1. Yes Ama! To be fair I’ve tried a fair amount of GF stuff now, but there’s a huge difference between ‘good for GF’ and just ‘good’ 😉

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