‘Gut’ by Giulia Enders: Book review

I finished reading Gut by Giulia Enders a few weeks ago and I had to share because I think it’s fab. Gut health is definitely the sort of thing we don’t really pay attention to unless there’s a problem and we have to. But of course, everyone has gut health, it’s just more noticeable for some than for others.

This book quite possibly has all the information you ever wanted to know about your gut. It’s written to make science accessible, and it totally ticks that box. I feel like I’ve learned so much about how my body actually works. Enders writes so enthusiastically about the digestive system that I couldn’t help but be excited about it too.

The book talks you through the entire digestive process. I found it really interesting- it’s not just my seemingly irritable bowels that are the cause of all my problems, there’s a whole load of things which need to be working in your favour. Did you know that if you have a bloated tummy at night, you’re better to lie on your left side to create a clearer digestive path? Or that the rumbling tummy noise you hear is actually because there’s a long enough break between meals for your small intestine to start its cleaning process? And just what we all suspected- the more stressed you are, the less energy there is available for digestion and so the more difficult it is for your digestive system to do its job. There’s absolutely loads more covered in the book, from the best positions to poo to the merits of good gut bacteria.

I actually finished this thinking what a wonder the human body is. It’s a very informative read and surprisingly funny too. I sometimes feel like all I think about is food and how my body will cope with it and what I can and cannot eat, so to learn more about what’s actually happening is definitely useful for me. I’d recommend this whether you have digestive struggles or not. It will definitely give you plenty to think about!