Review: Deliciously Guilt Free brownies and blondies

I was delighted to receive a sample box of brownies and blondies from Deliciously Guilt Free. They’re gluten and wheat free, and they’re also low carb and low sugar. So they’re pretty perfect if you’re looking for a sweet treat which is still somewhat healthy!

In terms of their fodmap friendliness, there’s nothing in there which upset my tummy but of course we’re all very different and what works for me may not work for you too. All the ingredients are on the website here to check in more detail.

They were packaged very neatly and there was no danger of them getting broken in the post. There are four flavours: a browned butter peanut blondie, a chocolate and walnut brownie, a chocolate and chia brownie and a salted caramel nut brownie. They’re a perfect size- just enough! Continue reading “Review: Deliciously Guilt Free brownies and blondies”


Review: Brunch at Urban Angel

Where? Urban Angel, Hanover Street, Edinburgh.

I came across Urban Angel in a blog post from one of my favourite free-from bloggers, Becky Excell at Gluten Free Cuppa Tea. Luckily I have two kind friends who were more than happy to try out the brunch menu at Urban Angel with me.

We arrived at about 10am on a Saturday morning and were lucky to be seated straight away. It was very busy so I’d anticipate a wait if you arrive later. I don’t want to spoil the anticipation of the review, but I think it’s worth the wait!

I was absolutely delighted to find out that everything on the brunch menu could be made gluten free. How amazing is that? I love love love not feeling like a problem customer! Gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean fodmap friendly, but I was still spoilt for choice. Despite this, I went for my favourite: gluten free toast, poached eggs and avocado. I know it’s very simple but it’s very tasty. Also, I just can’t poach eggs so it’s actually a very special treat for someone to do it for me!

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My Little Box – December 2016

I wanted to share this because the arrival of a My Little Box always makes my day! It’s a monthly subscription box, and so for £15 a month you get a little surprise in the post with a selection of home and beauty goodies. I subscribe on and off depending on what my bank balance is like. It does feel like quite a lot to spend, but I’ve basically stopped drinking coffee and alcohol so my justification is that this is purchased with the money I’m saving!

I love My Little Box because of the selection of products- I’ve had gloves, a cushion cover, a coffee cup, even a t-shirt as well as some lovely trial sized makeup products. You always get a product from My Little Beauty, their own brand, and these have been some of my favourites. Plus, you get a little magazine related to whatever is in your box.

I was so excited to open the December box. Each box has a theme, and quite fittingly this is the Christmas Box. Look how pretty it is.


My December Box contained:

My Little Box | A candy cane (now hanging on the Christmas tree!)

My Little Box | A ‘Feu de bois: un matin d’hiver’ scented candle

Kusmi | A little tin of ‘Tsarevna’ tea (a blend of black tea, orange and spices)

Tiptree | A tiny pot of salted caramel spread

Lou. Yetu | A gold cuff bracelet

L’Occitane | A mini almond shower oil

My Little Beauty | A smokey eyeshadow duo

Courrèges | A sample of  ‘Hyperbole’ perfume

I think it’s a lovely selection. The candle is a particular favourite as it smells so festive. I’m very pleased with the mini shower oil and perfume as it means I don’t need to decant anything for taking to Berlin for our super quick trip. I’m excited to try the tea too! I love having the opportunity to try things I normally wouldn’t, and everything here feels like a special treat. And that’s really why I love it so much, a wee present to me from me!

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Review: Brunch at Loudons

Where? Loudons Cafe and Bakery, 94B Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

I love breakfast. It is undoubtedly my favourite meal of the day, and sometimes I do eat it for all three meals. Going out for breakfast or brunch is one of the things that has become more difficult with not being able to eat a whole load of stuff. So, I was very excited to hear that Loudons in Fountainbridge has plenty of gluten free options, and a couple even looked fodmap friendly too. Hooray!

Something to add about eating out on a low fodmap diet: I’ve found some conflicting advice about wheat and gluten. I’m pretty sure that I’m wheat intolerant as opposed to gluten intolerant, because I seem to be fine with oats. Gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean wheat free, but I’ve not found any problems so far eating gluten free food when I’m out.

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