Glasgow Women’s Running Race Series 10K Recap

I had a great time running in the Women’s Running Race Series 10K in Strathclyde Country Park at the end of August. This was my second 10K, which I’d signed up for after seeing an advert for half price entry on Black Friday at the end of 2016! So it was actually the first 10K I signed up for as a bit of motivation.

The only other 10K I’ve run was the Edinburgh Marathon Festival in May this year. It’s a very hilly course and it was an unseasonably hot 24 degrees! This was a totally different experience. It was a much cooler and cloudier day and the course was almost completely flat. There were 5K and 10K options which both went alongside the Strathclyde Loch, and the 10Kers went all the way round. I was also running solo unlike in the EMF and I did miss the chat from Craig!

I’ve only got the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10K to compare it to, and one of the best bits of that experience was the amount of support from spectators. I was a wee bit worried and how I would manage without all that- would I just get really bored? Would it just feel very, very long? I just like a smile from someone else when I’m out running, I find it very motivating! Actually, I was running when we were on holiday in Portugal in July and because of the heat I had to go out quite early in the morning. This coincided with the closing of the nightclub in Vilamoura and so I ended up with lots of support and high fives from the 7am revellers most mornings!

Well I did miss it, but the stewards along the race were so, so lovely and the other runners were a supportive and friendly group. There was a lovely atmosphere of encouraging each other as the race went on. Someone came up to me afterwards to tell me she’d been just behind me for the last 3km and that I’d been good motivation for keeping her going! The whole thing had quite a relaxed feel and it was really well organised.

I didn’t have a time goal and I was really quite happy just to be there and take part. I managed the hilly EMF 10K in 1:06 so I was expecting that without the hills I would finish somewhere between that and the one hour mark. I was absolutely delighted to finish in 59 minutes! I’d tried to stick within sight the 60 minute pacer throughout and passed her about halfway through, I think. I was pleased just to run it full stop, but to finish that wee bit under an hour was even better.

And what now? Part of me would like to run further and go for a half marathon at some point, but part of me is really quite content with an hour of running at the most. For the moment, my sister has made me an absolutely incredible running challenge map through the four Disney theme parks in Florida. We love Disney! We’ve picked our favourite spots and Megan has made them into a map where I can colour in squares for every kilometre I run. I’m so excited to get started and I think it’ll keep me going for a while!


August Favourites | 2017

What a quick month! I love writing these posts- it’s so lovely to look back on all the things that have made me happy over the month. Here’s what made me smile in August!

Craig surprised me at the airport. I was so focussed on finding the Stanstead Express that I almost walked right past him but it was such a lovely surprise when I landed from Portugal.

Yorica. It has totally “free from” ice cream and toppings (no lactose, no gluten, no nuts, no eggs) and is almost as good as the real thing! Totally worth the slight taste compromise for a happy tummy.

Running through Golders Hill Park past the zoo. When Craig chooses a route I just follow blindly as my sense of direction is nil. You know what I don’t normally see on a run? Lemurs! Lemurs meditating in the sunshine! Very exciting.

Dreamgirls on the West End. I was blown away by how brilliant this was. I’d go back to see it again immediately if I could!

When I was down in London I spent a lovely sunny afternoon catching up with my oldest friend, Zoe- we see each other when we can and it’s so nice to chat with someone who really has known you forever.

Visiting Kew Gardens. It was so peaceful and we could have spent all day there- just as well as it’s pretty pricey!

Foil, Arms & Hog at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This was a very good show, as comedies in my Fringe experience can go either way, much recommended if they’re back next year or touring.

A lovely surprise parcel arrived from my lovely friend Louise with a selection of Danish goodies and teas!

I’ve been to the Edinburgh Book Festival a good few times. This year I saw John Boyne and an event called Visions of the Future: Youth Mental Health with my best book loving friend, as well as Victoria Hislop with my mum and David Bellos, who has written a book about the writing and impact of Les Misérables, with Craig. All were brilliant. I love the chilled out atmosphere of the book festival and the chance to indulge my true book loving self!

I went back to Body Balance this month after a wee break- it’s my favourite fitness class and I always leave feeling so zen.

I finally watched the last ever episode of Pretty Little Liars. I somehow managed to stay spoiler free, even after waiting six weeks to watch it! I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but I do think it was a very PLL-esque way to go out.

I ran 10K in Glasgow in the Women’s Running Race Series in 59 minutes, which I was absolutely delighted with. It’s a whole seven minutes faster than my first one, but this one was a lot flatter!


Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10K Recap – 2017

Last week saw my biggest running achievement when I ran 10km as part of the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. I wanted to challenge myself beyond the 4/5km I can quite comfortably plod along a couple of times a week. It was a really great experience- much more fun than I’d thought, actually!

If you’re familiar with Edinburgh, you’ll know it’s very hilly. The 10K route is gorgeous, but it’s quite tough. There’s a very steep hill at the start for about 2km, and another incredibly steep hill coming out of the innocent railway cycle path. Of course, what goes up must come down and so there were also downhill stretches where we could catch our breath.

This is the first time I’ve run in an event with so many other people, and so I was very conscious of not going too fast and trying to keep up with people around me. I really just wanted to finish! We had a slow start up the aforementioned hill but must have paced ourselves well as we had energy left in the last kilometre to fly towards the finish line. My time was 1 hour and 6 minutes, which I’m absolutely delighted with.

Now, I do like an inspirational quote. One of my favourites is something Nelson Mandela said: “it always seems impossible until it’s done.” Now you may laugh and roll your eyes, and I agree that this was intended for much bigger things than my running a 10K. But it’s something I’ve found I really really love about running. It all seemed crazy at first. Running for three minutes seemed crazy, running for eight minutes seemed crazy, as did fifteen and twenty when I made it up to that. But I did it, and now I’ve plodded along for over an hour! I get to keep doing things that I once thought were crazy and unachievable and just “not for me”, and it’s the best feeling!

I really enjoyed the structured training, increasing my long run at the weekend and trying intervals and hill runs throughout the week. The atmosphere on the day was just brilliant, so positive and friendly. Would I do it again? Yes please!